The Rightsized Wreath

The origin of the wreath comes from the pre-Christian era when people gathered wreaths of evergreen during cold winter months as a sign of hope in the coming spring and renewed light. The concept of recycling is to turn used materials (waste) into new products – in a sense, a rebirth. So it makes sense to marry these two concepts as a celebration of hope and sustainability.

Below are my favorite examples of wreaths made from recycled or everyday household items. To make something so special out of things that are so ordinary is truly glorious. Which is your favorite?

The Rightsized Wreath tools wreath







made from old tools


The Rightsized Wreath cork wreath







made from wine corks


The Rightsized Wreath paper roll wreath







made from paper towel rolls


The Rightsized Wreath sweater wreath







made from old sweaters


The Rightsized Wreath ties wreath







made from neck ties


The Rightsized Wreath photos wreath







made from old photos


The Rightsized Wreath paper wreath







made from book pages


The Rightsized Wreath paint brush wreath







made from paint brushes


4 Comments The Rightsized Wreath

  1. Lucy

    Great analogy and great finds. All eight creations are beautiful; it’s hard to pick just one! But, I’ll never throw out an old sweater without thinking of how it could be transformed into a wreath. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Lois

    They are all great but I especially like the toilet paper roll wreath. What a great & beautiful use for such a mundane item.

  3. Maria

    These photos are exactly what I was looking for for potential book covers. Where did you get the images–specifically the one with the tools and paintbrushes.


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