Acres of Diamonds in My Own Backyard

margit yearbook crop  Acres of Diamonds in My Own Backyard margit yearbook cropI am looking forward to my Girls High 45th reunion. Though I’ll be happy to see the girls with whom I was friends, that’s not what has enticed me to attend.

I knew very few of the 500+ girls in my class, but I have “met” many of them, so to speak, through a Facebook group we started 5 years ago, for our 40th reunion. I am attending the reunion because I want to meet them anew; they are really interesting women!

The Urban Dictionary describes “diamonds in the rough” as individuals who have hidden or exceptional characteristics and/or future potential, but who lack the final touches that would make them truly stand out in the crowd. That’s what I’ve decided we all were back then, in high school. We were diamonds in the rough.

At first glance, naturally occurring diamonds are quite ordinary. Their true beauty as jewels is only realized through the cutting and polishing process. That is what happened to us, I think, to my classmates and me.

Like diamonds that have been formed by years of immense pressure, we have been molded by our experiences and choices. We’ve matured, we’ve evolved, we’ve metamorphosed, and our facets have been exposed. Like diamonds, we have depth, we have strength, we are unique.

So that is why I am looking forward to my Girls High reunion. My hair will be cut and my nails will be done, but I won’t need any jewelry. I have acres of diamonds in my own backyard.


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