Lessons from Ziploc

When it comes to resealable plastic bags, I have always been Ziploc challenged. To be more exact, I am incapable of getting the little ridge into the little groove and having it stay closed. So when bags that actually zippered closed came out, I was thrilled. Finally, a bag for me! Then I realized they were more expensive than regular bags, so for years I didn’t allow myself to buy them. Finally, I gave in. I gave myself permission to spend a little more and I’ve been happily using zipper storage bags ever since.

ziploc  Lessons from Ziploc ziploc

 I’m an avid gardner, and every spring, armed with pitchfork and wheelbarrow, I apply mulch, usually 5 cubic yards. It’s a big job, and I seem to need more and more ibuprofen — before, during and after. But last year, I did something I had never done before. I PAID someone to do it for me. I didn’t just take care of my garden; I took care of myself. My garden and I both flourished.

It’s not that I am pampering myself more, it’s that I’ve changed what I am willing to spend money on. Years ago, I had a fancy job and bought myself fancy jewelry. It gave me pleasure, but things change. Today I pamper myself by doing Pilates. I probably spend the same each year on Pilates as I would have on nice jewelry. Pilates helps me not have lower back pain. These days, not being in pain is more important than having jewelry.

Which brings me, of course, to Senior Move Management. Some people don’t give themselves permission to use a Senior Move Manager because it seems extravagant, because they moved without help last time, because they never used this type of service before.

I never did Pilates before, but feeling good is important. I’m important, so I’m giving myself permission to use real zipper bags, have my mulch applied by someone else, and take exercise classes regularly. These are gifts to myself, and I’m worth it. So are you.


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