My Left Breast

I never minded having implants. In fact, I considered myself quite lucky to live in an age when they were possible. But I minded not having them quite a bit.

mlb pic  My Left Breast mlb picAlthough implants last most people for decades, mine acted like tires — they  needed to be replaced every 60k miles. So when I went  in for my third  set, I wasn’t worried. I knew the drill.

When I awoke from anesthesia, however, I had a surprise. The surgeon  had found evidence of an infection. He  started me on IV anti-biotics and had me admitted. I could get a new implant when the wound healed, in four months.

At first, I railed. Not because the implant had been removed. There was no option; I knew that.  But I had no chance to mentally prepare for not having a breast. Although my actual mastectomies were 19 years earlier, I had immediate reconstruction. There was never a period when I was actually without a breast…until now. The next morning, the  nurse removed my dressing, and I gazed at my left breast, where the implant had been.

I was determined to Continue reading